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Ready to build our second nursery!

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We are happy to share our second nursery is now also ready to be built. It is located at Guaíra Farm (Caseara, Tocantins), one of the farms of our BJF partner and landowner, Guilherme Tiezzi. He is the owner of two cattle farms in the Tocantins state. Both stand right in the very heart of the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor, neighboring the beautiful Cantão State Park.

We are fortunate to have the landowner and visionary Guilherme Tiezzi to be part of our pilot-project. Tiezzi’s goal is to materialize the first ‘Farm of the future’ in the Araguaia Corridor, uniting productive activities with nature and people, and setting a new paradigm in the relationship between humankind and the land.

Now that we have finalized the Mapping and Biodiversity planning of his 2 farms, Santa Juliana and Guaíra, all is set to start the restoration of the identified areas in partnership with LERF and Bioflora. This nursery will be a true example for everyone in the surroundings and also an important educational tool as it will hold a strong social role in the area along with schools, settlements and authorities in the area.

BJF’s Field Coordinator, Carlos Eduardo, is sending daily updates from the field about his close work with the farm manager, Heroito Landa, to accomplish this important step. The area that will receive the nursery structure has been cleared and the installations are in progress as we write these lines. Meanwhile, Carlos Eduardo is continuously improving BJF’s seed stocks thanks to field trips to the surrounding areas of the farm. The species portfolio is growing (15.000 seeds as of today). Last week only, a brand new batch of 13 species has been added to our seed bank.

We will keep you up to date about these exciting developments!

The capacity for the nursery is estimated today at 10.000 seedlings/year, but the room to expand is already reserved according to the (rising) demand. The native trees we will grow in the upcoming nursery will be used to reforest his lands and also to support the creation of a 18km long mini-corridor from his one farm to the other. It will be a great example of success for the Araguaia Corridor and surely will inspire and involve other landowners.

It’s getting more and more concrete.

We will keep you up to date with these exciting developments!

Mapping project: major breakthrough with WRI Brazil

By News Home

Our recent institutional partner World Resources Institute (WRI Brazil) has truly embraced our Mapping Project beyond our expectations.

WRI Brazil recently decided to step up its support to the BJF by building an online platform to map the entire 10,4 millions hectares of the Araguaia Corridor. Over 70% of the Corridor has already been mapped by their team of experts. First results show that this new online mapping-platform will truly become a pillar for future success in planning the entire the Corridor. In the coming months the online platform will be fine tuned as per the requirements of BJF by the mapping-experts of WRI Brazil in close partnership with BJF Brazil.

The amount of data from satellites and governmental organisations and key research laboratories brought together by WRI Brazil in the online Araguaia Corridor Mapping Platform is truly amazing. It will help BJF tremendously by setting the strategy for implementing BJF’s other 2 tasks for the Araguaia Corridor for the years to come.

WRI’s state of the resources allow decision-makers to explore environmental challenges, opportunities, and solutions. Thank you WRI Brazil for your vital support!

Salesforce Foundation extends BJF Partnership

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To manage its important relations of our donors, sponsors and institutional partners worldwide, BJF works with the state-of-the-art CRM tool of Salesforce. After a thorough compliance check, the Salesforce Foundation recently extended its grant to BJF for a large number of free licenses. Thank you Salesforce

The foundation of Salesforce is the Salesforce Foundation. is based on a simple idea: leverage Salesforce’s technology, people, and resources to help improve communities around the world. We call this integrated philanthropic approach the 1-1-1 model, because it started with a commitment to leverage 1% of Salesforce’s technology, people, and resources. By encouraging and enabling companies to adopt the 1-1-1 model, is helping to spark a worldwide corporate giving revolution.

BJF lectured at prestigious event: Nexus Global Brazil

By News Home

The 2018 NEXUS Brazil Forum convened last May 27, 2018, in São Paulo, Brazil in partnership with a coalition of social, industrial and philanthropic institutions. It brought together young philanthropists, impact investors, and allies – including family business members, successful entrepreneurs, and inspiring social change leaders. BJF’s Ivan Nisida was one of the key speakers and interacted with the Forum members to discuss challenges facing Brazil today and innovative solutions to address them, such as creating the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor. As an election year, some of the leading presidential candidates will also participate in the Forum and discuss youth issues with the group.

After his presentation, Ivan received a round of applause and proudly connected with the audience. Thank you Ivan for positioning BJF Brazil to the next level!

The building of the first nursery has begun

By News Home

Now that the Mapping and the Biodiversity Planning phase of our Pilot project has been completed, the building of our first nursery has begun. In close partnership with the large farm Santa Fé, located in the heart of the Corridor, everything has been set in motion to finalize the construction of the first nursery later this month.

The owners of this 57,000 ha farm, are very driven to partner with us and make the nursery a success with the main goal to restore the degraded areas on their farm and of neighboring farms to their natural state.

Seedlings of ‘pioneer trees’ will be grown and planted first, as they will provide shade for ‘secondary trees’ to flourish hereafter.

We are keen to update you on these exciting developments!

Seed collection has started

By News Home

Restoring nature is truly an art. It all starts with collecting the right mix of seeds of indigenous trees in the forests and savanna near the degraded areas. Hereafter, each specimen of seeds needs to be stored differently before the planting process begins.

A small team of seed collectors, among Carlos Silva from Fazenda Santa Fé has now started this delicate process! Over 20 species of seeds have been collected so far.

New agreement with Bioflora: signed

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Bioflora is the leading consulting firm in ecological restoration in Brazil. The scientists of Bioflora and LERF have recently been contracted by the BJF for the supervision of the entire process of ‘ecological restoration’ for the degraded areas around the farms where the first two nurseries are being constructed. The replantation models and planting techniques are ready to help grow healthy forests! So are we!

First 15 sponsors have renewed their partnership!

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We are thrilled to show our appreciation towards our loyal sponsorpartners. Each BJF sponsorship lasts 2 years. We recently started to ask sponsors like you, to renew their support to the BJF for another 2 years. 15 companies and persons were approached so far… and have all extended their support. We love to make this visible on our Community page and on your profile-page with a stamp that says ‘Partnership Renewed’ !

Just click on the COMMUNITY page to discover the companies and persons who have renewed their Partnership already.

Filmmaker Martin Rother creates amazing video for BJF

By News Home

German filmmaker Martin Rother heard about the Black Jaguar Foundation (BJF) goal of realizing the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor in Brazil from our team members Floris & Natascha Wouterson and kept the idea in mind. Once Rother looked the project up online and found out he could be part of one of the largest reforestation projects on Earth, he did not hesitate: “I knew instantly that I wanted to support this organization,” he says. The next day he made the donation and became an official BJF Supporting Friend.

But Rother has not only become a friend and donor of the BJF, he has gone on to do more. The filmmaker created a special video for the project. “I wanted to do something which would emotionally touch people and push them to think about their habits,” he explains. Rother used images from the Araguaia Corridor zone, combining shots of nature and devastation with powerful words in an almost three-minute-long production.

“It is a big but also a realistic opportunity to give something back to Earth”, says Martin Rother about BJF’s project

“Films can deeply move the heart of people. The positive outcome could be the change in their own lives. The most important thing is changing thoughts,” Rother believes. He is convinced that everyone can play a role in the journey to a better world, as role models for others every single day. “It is in our hands and it is our responsibility,” he concluded.

Learn more about Martin Rother on his profile-page number 96/600 at

BJF Team member: Joël Boele

By News Home

Joël is one of the core members of our BJF Team in the Netherlands with an unprecedented drive for our cause! Joel holds a Bachelor in Future Planet Studies and a Masters in Environmental Geography and has cared about the vulnerability of our planet since childhood. She manages and carries out a long list of tasks to keep the BJF running at full speed.  Joël knows all about the importance of reforestation and will approach you to renew your partnership in the coming months. Or feel free to contact Joël yourself at