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You have certainly heard, at some point in your life, about the importance of the Amazon Rainforest for humankind, correct? Still there is another vital ecosystem to all of us that is less known and has been suffering for decades: the Cerrado Savannah.

The Cerrado tropical savannah covers 20% of Brazilian territory (over 2.000.000 km2!) and is recognized as the richest Savannah in the world in terms of biodiversity. Moreover, the sources of three of the most important water basins in South-America are located in the Cerrado. This extreme value contrasts with a devastating degradation record: more than 50% of this biome has already been deforested.  The BJF works to restore these degraded areas back to its original rich habitat. After all 60% of the Araguaia Corridor Zone is located in the Cerrado.

BJF Sponsor Partner

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DataVard, headquartered in Germany with offices across Europe and the USA,  helps its clients to run their SAP landscape smarter and better.

CEO of DataVard Gregor Stoeckler:  ”The richness of the Western world has been realized while the planet was suffering. We should make up for the shortcomings of previous generations. That’s why our team of DataVardians proudly support the Black Jaguar Foundation.”


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We were proud to have Prof. Dr. Marian Horzinek (in memoriam), one of the world’s most renowned virologists on cat diseases.

He was also the founding President of the International Society of Feline Medicine. “It is not just the black jaguar, that elegant and elusive feline, it is its ecosystems that needs our attention and care”.


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That is the goal of the total distance that will be covered in less than 7 days – by foot! – by Thijs, Ceriel, Sam and Daniella in support of the BJF. Their goal is also to raise € 5,250 through donations. Watch their power video about the first 380km!

Thanks to JustGiving, these BJF Warriors were able to create their own fundraising campaign and support our mission. The best part, you can still help them to reach their goals. Check out their official page to make your donation!


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After Amsterdam and São Paulo, we now have our presence in Munich, Germany! Thanks to the devotion and energy of our dedicated team-member Floris Wouterson, we now have a dedicated team of BJF supporters in Germany.

Headed by Hans Hagen, the team will create partnerships, raise awareness and funding for the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor. The Munich based company Drehmoment Film sponsors the BJF with offices and facilities. 23 July 2015 was the kick-off presentation.


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Meet Hans Hagen. As an energetic businessman Hans leads his insurance-brokerage company based in Munich. With a passion for preserving our planet, Hans donates his valuable time to organize fundraising-events and to establish partnerships for the BJF in Germany and beyond.


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Have you ever heard of the “flying rivers”? This term was created to define the giant quantities of water that float above the Amazon rainforest and Cerrado. They come from the tonnes of water that evaporate from the trees: it is a green water factory! Huge masses of vapour travel thousands of miles bringing rainfall over Latin America. The droughts in South East Brazil prove what we have known for a long time: no forests, no rain!


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Last April 2015, our sponsor-partner Roemer Kamp & Partners, a leading asset-management company based in the Netherlands, organized a special dinner-info-evening for their clients, seeking to share their partnership experience with the BJF and communicate their involvement with preserving our planet. It was a great success!

After a 1-hour presentation about the importance of the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor and BJF’s tasks to help realize it, the guests enjoyed a delightful dinner. A special thanks to Prof. Jan van Hooff for the introduction speech and for Jord, Jean-Michel and Marco for making this inspiring evening come true.

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In May 2015, the Brazilian government extended the deadline by one year to register all rural properties on a national registry named CAR (Rural Environmental Registry).

This database will be fundamental for the new Forest Code, as it creates a complete map of all (de)forested areas in Brazil. Each property must preserve at least 20% for nature, depending on the region.


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The BJF engages on social platforms to raise awareness of our cause. In April 2015 BJF joined a new social platform, Tsū. Tsū counted 4 million registered accounts after the first six months, a number that took Facebook two years to reach.

Tsū shares ad revenue with its users. Earnings vary from pennies to dollars a day per user. To encourage donations to charities, users organize challenges and competitions. Two contestants in the recent “TsuMadness” competition, campaigned for BJF and won the competition!  A great number of votes for the BJF and over $1,000 was raised purely by clicking, liking and commenting, all by having fun on social media.

We thank both contestants @LiveFearlessly (Dan Skaler, Australia) and @AnnaLieb  (Anna Ortlieb, U.S.), for their incredible creativity and hard work they put into their respective campaigns.