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2W Energy gives their clients the gift of trees

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2W energy is a leading renewable energy company in Brazil, and this year they committed to supporting the Black Jaguar Foundation by planting native trees on behalf of their clients.

Focused on bringing affordable, sustainable energy to every state in Brazil, 2W Energia is looking to make an impact for the future of Brazil. Now, with this partnership, 2W Energia has expanded this commitment to the restoration of Brazil’s biodiversity.

Each month, client’s of 2W Energia’s will receive a personalised tree planting certificate, letting them know exactly where their tree will be planted. They can find out about the farmer who will be planting their trees and our tree planting commitment for the farm.

With our new donate a tree page, any company can now give any number of trees to their clients, partners or team, and in doing so contribute to the preservation of two of our most vital ecosystems. We want to say a huge thank you to 2W Energia for joining us and we look forward to what’s to come!

To learn more about the partnership between BJF and 2W Energia, check out this post on their Instagram!

Planting Season 2020 Complete!

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That’s a wrap! Another planting season is complete, which means another 80,000 trees planted by our team along the Araguaia River. This was a special planting season for us, and for all of you who have been supporting us, because it marked the start of our first million trees!

This season our team grew to 36 local tree planters, next season 300 local planters will join us from November 2021 to March 2022, to complete the planting of our first million trees. But it doesn’t stop there, by 2025 we’ll be planting 10 million trees which means we’ll be straight onto the next million trees! This 10 million trees will bring the restoration of the degraded land in the Santana do Araguaia region to completion.

In case you missed it, see the planting in action here…

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Our third Tree Nursery is underway: See the progress

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In March, we signed a partnership with the Municipality of Santana do Araguaia to build our third, state-of-the-art nursery. We’ll be building this nursery in the city’s nature park, and the work has already begun! This week we’ve been clearing the land, next is the construction of a bridge over the nearby river, and soon after the construction of the nursery itself. Ready to grow seedlings for the coming planting season in November! 

When we met with Santana do Araguaia’s environmental secretary and his team last month, we were met with an extremely warm reception. The Agribusiness sector is one of the leading employers in the region. This project and this nursery will not only benefit our environment and provide local job opportunities, but it will contribute to the sustainable development of the agribusiness sector in Brazil and Santana do Araguaia will be at the forefront of this.

Take a look around the 2021 Black Jaguar Foundation Tree Nursery!

This is a huge milestone that has only been possible with your support! This nursery will house 500,000 seedlings and with space for workshops and environmental education, it will become a hub for the restoration of nature along the Araguaia biodiversity corridor and a center for the development of sustainable agriculture in the region. Let’s plant more trees together! 

In case you were wondering what the nursery site looks like, enjoy this aerial footage:

Sheilla Pereira Albuquerque Joins our Brazilian Advisory board!

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We’re thrilled to welcome Sheilla Pereira Albuquerque to our world-class Brazilian Advisory board. With over 28 years of experience in the biotechnology and agrochemicals industry, Sheilla will contribute her crucial expertise to help us expand our planting and continue to restore biodiversity.

Sheilla initially graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Universidade Paulista and an MBA from Business School São Paulo. Her impressive professional career has included working at Rohm and Haas Quimica, Dow AgroSciences and Corteva AgriSciences, where she has held leadership positions in operations, marketing and sales, having served in the last 3 years in the Vice Presidency of the Southern and Paraguay areas.

She is currently responsible for the South and Southeast Operations, Marketing, Digital and ESG areas at AgroGalaxy, one of the largest retail platforms for agricultural inputs and services for Brazilian agribusiness. We look forward to having her passion and knowledge guide us as we grow and plant many more trees together. 

TreeLove launch: change the future with a present

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We could not be more proud to announce a very special partnership. TreeLove is combining art and nature, to allow you to give a gift that is truly invaluable. They have curated a selection of hand-crafted artisan tree carvings, to be given as a gift, in combination with trees, planted by the Black Jaguar Foundation, in the heart of Brazil.

TreeLove has been a labour of love and stems from a deep commitment to environmental preservation, by Founder Andrea Dreesmann. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Andrea’s two passions are education and the environment. An ambassador for Human Rights Watch in Brazil, Andrea runs two educational programs in the communities of Vidigal and Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro and is dedicated to restoring Brazil’s vital ecosystems.

Andrea and her son Felipe visited the Araguaia corridor in 2019 to witness the work going on. During this trip, they planted some of our very first trees, trees that are now thriving along the Araguaia river and starting to restore nature. We look forward to planting many more trees together and are honoured to be part of this beautiful campaign. 

Tree Planting Season 2020-2021

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When you donate a tree, you choose to make a difference for the future of our planet and for the communities living along the Araguaia river. But when you’re so far away from the tree planting action, it can be hard to visualise this impact.

We want to bring you to the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor and show you the impact your donations are having. It’s time for you to meet the people planting your trees and see the planting in action!

By now you’ve probably been introduced to some of our team but we’re growing and this planting season our team in the field grew to 36 local tree planters! Thanks to our dedicated local team, our amazing partner landowners and you, our community, 80,000 trees are being planted this season. These 80,000 trees are part of our first million trees which are being planted with the incredible support of Movida and One Tree Planted.

Now let’s meet the team and take a look at the amazing planting progress.

Part of the Black Jaguar Foundation 2020-2021 Planting Team at Fazenda Cedro.

World Wildlife day 2021

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Wednesday, 3rd March is World Wildlife day!

Each year World Wildlife day focuses on one theme which is of the utmost importance for the preservation of our planet’s wildlife. This year, the day is being celebrated around the theme of Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet“. 

The aim is to highlight the central role that forests and ecosystem services play in sustaining the livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people globally. In honour of this day, we’re launching billboards across the Netherlands, asking you to support the preservation of our forests and Donate a Tree!

Nature is crucial for each and every person living on earth. However, for local communities and indigenous peoples, their lives and livelihoods and so intertwined with the natural processes that are increasingly threatened as deforestation and biodiversity loss increase. 

It is estimated that between 200 and 350 million people live within or adjacent to forested areas, with roughly 28% of the world’s surface currently being managed by indigenous peoples. ( Not only do these people rely intimately on the preservation of nature, but that we in turn rely on them to conserve the wildlife that is so essential for human survival. 

This world wildlife day is drawing attention to these communities and the initiatives that are working together with them to create sustainable models of forest conservation, that take into account the livelihoods and well-being of these guardians of the forests.

At the Black Jaguar Foundation, we’re working together with local communities to learn about their needs and requirements for ecological restoration. Taking into account economic return and social impact to create sustainable models of restoration. This means we make a unique plan for each area of land, together with the farmers, to assess how models for agroforestry or sustainable timber systems may work together with the restoration of biodiversity.

The aim is to restore forests that last! By working with local communities these forests become an asset to the community. Not only because of the impact of restored ecosystem services but because of the impact for livelihoods and for the community as a whole. (Find out more from the 2019-2020 Impact study)

You can take action today and help protect our forests and all those who rely on them. Donate a tree! 

Sapa Pana Travel: a sustainable way to see the world

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Sapa Pana Travel offers bespoke trips to incredible destinations around Latin America. Providing clients with unique experiences to some of our planet’s most beautiful locations. But they also want these opportunities to be possible for future generations. 

Because of this, Sapa Pana Travel is looking to grow and develop in a way that is responsible and respectful to the world in which we live. As part of this, at the start of February, Sapa Pana Travel committed to supporting the Black Jaguar Foundation. Sapa Pana will now be compensating for the ecological impact of their trips but helping us to plant millions of native trees in the heart of Brazil. However, in addition to this, they are dedicated to helping to promote environmentalism and sustainable travel. 

Take a look at Sapa Pana’s latest news blast >>>
Sapa pana partnership

On Monday the 8th March, 19.30 (CET), Sapa Pana’s founder Johan van Rijswijck, with be interviewing BJF Founder Ben Valks. They’ll be discussing Ben’s adventures from Alaska, through the Amazon, to Antarctica, and finding out how the Black Jaguar Foundation came to be.  The discussion will also offer listeners the chance to get involved and ask questions so make sure not to miss it. Register here to listen here.

We’re excited to grow, together with Sapa Pana Travel, and help each other to work towards a more sustainable future. Find out more about Sapa Pana travel and our partnership!

60,000 trees planted so far this season!

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Planting season is almost over but we still have more updates coming your way. These 60,000 trees have been planted at our partner farms in the Santana do Araguaia region and are all part of our first million trees with Movida and One Tree Planted!

To celebrate our monumental partnership with One Tree Planted, Project manager Alaine Ball from OTP visited the project at the start of February to see the restoration sites, and get to know the landowners and the city of Santana do Araguaia. We hope this is just the start of a beautiful partnership working to restore our most vital ecosystems!

During the next planting season, we’ll be completing our first million trees and starting to plant our second million!

Alaine Ball, Project Manager OTP, planting seedling, Feb 2021.

This season, however, has not been without its challenges! It’s been dryer than usual which caused a temporary pause in our planting in December. Luckily our field team is always finding new technologies and ways to adapt, and with the use of a water-retaining polymer, we were able to continue planting. This polymer is added to the soil before planting and means that water stays available in the soil for longer. Thanks to this polymer our planting season has continued and we’ll reach this season’s target of 80,000 trees!

These droughts are a clear sign of our changing climate and another reason why reforestation work is more crucial than ever!

Planting team adding the water-retaining polymer to the soil before planting. Making water available in the soil for longer.

We’re happy to see more awareness around the challenges and hopes for restoration work. With increasingly uncertain weather conditions, we need your support more than ever to have the capacity to continue to adapt and grow!

Read the full article on how droughts are affecting restoration work in Nature Today >>>

Finish Profiles Group goes carbon neutral with the Black Jaguar Foundation

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Finish Profiles Group is the number 1 supplier of steel roof and wall plates, and it is going carbon neutral by 2030! 

Together with the Hedgehog company, we calculated the company’s carbon emissions up to 2030. In line with the Hedgehog company’s calculations, we will plant 11, 625 trees on behalf of Finish Profile’s Group. Over the course of 26 years, as these trees reach maturity, they will remove 1.7 million kilos of carbon from our atmosphere.

In addition to actively compensating for their carbon emissions, the Finish Profile’s Group is investing in low carbon technologies and increasingly building their business with our planet in mind.

On top of being committed to providing their customers with a quality service, the Finish Profile Group is now committed to helping us work towards a more sustainable future for all. Founder and CEO, Chris van der Vossen, has one question for you, will you join them?