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Meet our partner in the field: Ciclus Engenharia!

By Allgemein, News Home

Ciclus Engenharia is a Brazilian company specialized in the planning, execution and monitoring of environmental and forestry services. and is our new partner in supporting us to scale up our field operations ! They have been contracted by the BJF to help manage our labor force in the field. 

As the size of our restoration continues to increase significantly, so does our need for labor power. Ciclus will allow for the improvement of both the management and preparation of the planters we employ in the field. Furthermore, Ciclus also possesses extensive knowledge of restoration, and is able to help our technical team supervise restoration activities. Thanks to our partnership with Ciclus, we are able to ensure that our field team is engaging in safe and effective restoration practices! 


AgroSB, leading Brazilian farm company AgroSB Partners with BJF

By Allgemein, News Home

Founded in 2005, AgroSB is a well-known, active company in the agricultural and livestock markets in Brazil. They have the vision of becoming one of the most sustainable agribusiness companies in the world, making substantial transitions in their supply chain and operations over the past times.  

Continuing on this sustainable path, they recently partnered with Black Jaguar Foundation to fulfill their green sustainable dream. The partnership creates a relationship of mutual cooperation. AgroSB supports the BJF with the provision of land, on which we are able to continue planting many more trees!


Check out their announcement of our partnership here:


Jan Zandbergen has renewed again!

By Allgemein, News Home

Jan Zandbergen Group has been a proud sponsor of the Black Jaguar Foundation since our first days, and has again renewed their diamond partnership with Black Jaguar Foundation in 2022 for another 2 years. While supporting the Black Jaguar Foundation’s work in Brazil, Jan Zandbergen is also making innovative changes to their own business in the Netherlands.

To celebrate a new milestone in this partnership, and to represent the new era of Jan Zandbergen Group’s business, we have produced a new testimonial of the BJF – Jan Zandbergen partnership! 

Find out more about Jan Zandbergen by visiting their profile page here!


“As a family business, we are very aware of the importance of caring for future generations. We are therefore continuously looking for sustainable improvements in our business processes.”

– Jochem Versloot


Read our feature on Commonland!

By Allgemein, News Home

Commonland Foundation is an NGO focused on restoring degraded landscapes, and transforming them into thriving ecosystems and communities. Recently, we have had the honor to be featured on their 4 returns platform!

Continuing on this sustainable path, they recently partnered with Black Jaguar Foundation to fulfill their green sustainable dream. The partnership creates a relationship of mutual cooperation. AgroSB supports the BJF with the provision of land, on which we are able to continue planting many more trees!


Read the article here!


A First: Exceptional species germinated successfully in our nursery!

By Allgemein, News Home

We are excited to announce that we have successfully germinated a new species of seedling in our nursery!

For this species, known as jequitiba vermelho, it is known to be challenging to find in tact seeds successfully, which is why we are especially thrilled that the cultivation has been a success.

The jequitiba vermelho occurs in flooded areas, both in the Cerrado and Amazonia regions of the corridor. The tree grows very large, and is known for its beautiful red colored blossoms and very valuable for our restoration efforts alongside the river.

Pictured below: a fully-grown jequitiba-vermelho.

Meet Paulo Ferreira, the Secretary of Environment of Caseara

By Allgemein, News Home

Paulo Ferreira, the Secretary of Environment of Caseara, explained to us about the importance of the Araguaia River in the region. He demonstrated the severity of the drought, and emphasized that “without water there is no agriculture”, essential to the region.

In his testimonial he explains that the BJF is doing crucial work in the region, to prevent the worsening of these droughts and extreme weather conditions. Trees retain water and forest restoration plays a crucial role in regulating weather patterns and preventing the exacerbation of future droughts. We are grateful for Paulo’s support and the partnership we have with the Municipality of Caseara for our mission!

Planting Season ’22 is in full swing!

By Allgemein, News Home

We are now halfway through the rainy season in Brazil, and therefore also in the midst of our planting season! The team in the field is working tirelessly to ensure that we restore as many hectares a possible this rainy season. Despite the delays in the completion of the nursery, the team in the field is working hard to complete this planting season successfully.

And soon we will be sharing some beautiful snapshots of this planting season in action, so stay tuned!

If you want to show your support for this, and future planting seasons, donate a tree here!

KBF CANADA supports BJF in the form of seeds

By Allgemein, News Home

We are excited to share with you that KBF CANADA is providing us their support, in the form of seeds! Thanks to the generosity of Canadian donors, KBF Canada is able to support the purchase 40,000 seeds to be used in our planting season.

The seeds aquired with the KBF CANADA funds will be directly planted in restoration sites that are hospitable to direct seeding. We are very grateful for the support from KBF CANADA and are excited to update you on the planting of these seeds!

Learn more about KBF CANADA by visiting their website here, or read their article on our work here!

Support our future via Give for Good

By Allgemein, News Home

Give for Good helps donors support the future of a charity. Give for Good invests your donation and the charity receives interest on the investment every year. This interest continues forever and grows forever, making your donation an everlasting source of income for your favourite charity!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose charity + amount: You make a donation to a charity through Give for Good. You choose the charity + the amount.
  2. Ethical investment: Give for Good invests your donation in an ethical, sustainable and social investment fund. Each year, your invested donation generates a profit.
  3. Profit for charity: Every year Give for Good transfers the profit to the charity you have chosen. This support for the charity continues forever and grows a bit bigger each year.
  4. Your (double) impact: Ever-continuing and ever-growing support for your favorite charity + the investment of your donation supports ethical, sustainable and social businesses!

About the investments

Give for Good invests exclusively in ethical, sustainable and social investment funds. Thus, your donation is not invested in unethical sectors, such as fossil fuels and weapons. As a result, ethical, sustainable and socially responsible companies receive extra support because of your donation!

Give for Good believes that investing is the new way to donate. Over the past 150 years, the average return on the stock market has been about 9.1% (adjusted for inflation 7.0%). This can provide a great deal of additional support for charities

Support our future

Since 2020, we have partnered with Give for Good to generate an everlasting income for us in the future. Will you also help?

Support our future through the link below!

2021 Reforestation Round-up

By News Home

 7th January, 2022

Celebrating you and all the life you are helping to restore!

Let’s end 2021 on a high note and remember some of the milestones from the year!  In the interest of looking forward to all the trees to come, we’re also thinking about the challenges for 2022  and how we can overcome these together!

Building the new nursery…

…starting in March, we’ve been working hard on constructing the new large-scale nursery in Santana do Araguaia! This nursery will have the capacity to house 500,000 seedlings annually.

Our community of rural landowners grows!

Just like our core team, our community of landowners has also grown exponentially. As the Black Jaguar Foundation becomes more known throughout the region, more and more landowners have become interested in joining the mission. This year several new landowners joined our project and 14 other farmers are lined up to start partnering with us, adding up to over 600 ha of areas to be validated for restoration.

BJF’s Seed Collection Collective: Pilot Project Completed Successfully!

While this collective is mainly aimed at providing our project with seeds, it also brings further benefits, such as improving local employment. Within this pilot project, six seed collectors were indirectly employed, demonstrating the potential that this Seed Collection Collective has in boosting local


As our planting work expands, so does our team…

As our planting activities expand, so do our teams! This year we welcomed 10 new members to our core team, not to mention our amazing planting team which grows year upon year!

2021: the year of partnership!

So many new and renewed partnerships have been formed this year. In such uncertain times, this has been an amazing testament to our sponsors’ commitment to preserving our planet. To name just a few of our amazing partners from 2021…

A couple of our highlights with the partners supporting the planting of our first million trees, Movida Car Rental and One Tree Planted…

Movida Redesigns Stores to Include BJF-Carbon Free Programme

To increase the visibility of its Carbon Free Programme, Movida is redesigning its stores around Brazil to include the programme at the very forefront of its brand! The new store design also includes the Black Jaguar Foundation logo, which we are extremely proud of.

Alaine Ball from One Tree Planted visits the Araguaia Corridor…

…showcasing the work going on, and the commitment of our team, Alaine interviews our forest engineers Carlos Eduardo Oliveira and Dimitrio Schievenin.

Thank you so much for all of your support through 2021 and we invite you to join us to continue to bring more life and hope in 2022

Warmest wishes,

The BJF Team