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BJF Wins a Netherlands Prestige Award!

By News Home

We are proud to announce that the Black Jaguar Foundation has won the Netherlands Prestige Award 2021 for Reforestation Project of the Year, for the second time in a row!

The Netherlands Prestige Awards recognizes the organizations that “have proven to be the best in their market over the past 12 months”. This award serves as a reminder that the emphasis we place on the quality of restoration is crucial to the success of the mission. We are thrilled to have been selected for this award, standing out for the uniqueness and ambition of the project!

There are very few reforestation projects in the world as ambitious as the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor and we are all extremely proud to be working for such an inspiring cause. We hope you’ll join us in helping to preserve our planet and creating a brighter future for us all!

The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration has Launched!

By Allgemein, News Home

On World Environment Day, which fell on June 5th of this year, the UN officially launched the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. The Decade of Restoration is meant to promote the United Nation’s environmental goals, and facilitate global cooperation for the restoration of degraded ecosystems.

The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration symbolizes a chance to revive the natural world that supports us all. It is these next ten years that scientists claim will count the most in the fight to avert climate change, and halt irreversible biodiversity loss. The UN outlines ten actions that will build a #GenerationRestoration.

10 years to restore our planet. 10 actions that count:

1. Empower a global movement

The UN Decade is designed to connect the actions of many, and empower them in this way. Groups and individuals can get informed about restoration opportunities in there area. They can join any initiative or even start their own! In this way, many smaller projects can join forces, and together, fight for a better, greener future.

2. Finance restoration on the ground

Organizations involved in restoration are often underfunded and face financial insecurity. While the benefits of restoration far outweight the costs, initial investments in the magnitude of billions are needed. The UN Decade raises awareness on these organizations, so that businesses, individuals, and other parties can consider giving a donation.

3. Set the right incentives

Caring for nature has often meant foregoing some of the financial gains of less sustainable practices. However, there are ways to change this: agricultural and fishing subsidies that often finance harmful practices could be used to support restoration instead. In the long-term, healthier ecosystems can produce bigger harvests, more secure incomes and a healthier environment for people.

4. Celebrate leadership

The UN Decade will celebrate leadership in a way that will encourage many more to step up and act.

5. Shift behaviors

Deforestation, the depletion of fish stocks and the degradation of agricultural soils are all caused by global consumption patterns. The UN Decade will work with all partners to identify and encourage restoration-friendly consumption. This can range from shifting diets to promotion restoration-based products.

6. Invest in research

Restoration is complex. Practices that work in one ecosystem may have adverse impacts in another. Scientific understanding of how to restore and adapt ecosystems is still developing. Considerable investments are required to identify the best practices to restore our planet.

7. Build up capacity

As a priority, the UN Decade’s strategy seeks to build the capacity of marginalized groups that stand to lose most from the continued destruction of ecosystems – such as indigenous peoples, women and youth to take an active role in restoration.

8. Celebrate a culture of restoration

The power to revive our environment does not lie with governments, experts and practitioners alone. Far from it: Shifting from plundering the planet to healing it is a cultural challenge. The UN Decade’s strategy therefore calls on artists, storytellers, producers, musicians and connectors to join the #GenerationRestoration.

9. Build up the next generation

It is youth and future generations who are most impacted by the consequences of the current rapid destruction of ecosystems. The UN Decade’s strategy makes a direct link between the wellbeing of youth and the goals of restoration.

10. Listen and learn

We can all learn from each other’s knowledge and experience in restoration. The UN Decade acts as a platform to share restoration efforts around the globe. Have a look at the different efforts right now:

Meet our New Partner: NUNNER Logistics

By News Home

NUNNER Logistics has joined the Black Jaguar Foundation in its mission to realize the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor! Headquartered in Helmond, NUNNER is a leading provider of logistics services, offering clients an integrated portfolio of logistic services covering the total supply chain from source to enduser.

NUNNER stands for the welfare of animals all over the world, and therefore believes in the necessity of restoring the biodiversity around the Araguaia corridor. NUNNER also strives to provide its services with the smallest carbon footprint possible. Therefore, NUNNER strongly believes in the project of the Black Jaguar Foundation, restoring the natural habitats of the native animals, in combination with restoring the lungs of the earth.

CEO Erwin Cootjans recently received the BJF Team for a visit to the NUNNER headquarters in Helmond, where we also filmed a testimonial for NUNNER Logistics. Keep a lookout for this video testimonial, as it will be shared very soon!

We are proud to have NUNNER Logistics join us in this mission, and are excited for all the collaboration to come!

Check out NUNNER Logistics’ First 600 Profile Page here!

Watch new life come to this ecosystem in 9 months!

By Allgemein, News Home

During one of their maintenance visits, our field team stumbled upon a pleasant surprise. After only 9 months of growth, this restored ecosystem has allowed new life to grow, in the form of the hatching of young chicks! See the images of the nest and freshly hatched birds below!

The speed at which these ecosystems are recovering after the planting of native trees is truly astonishing. These small, but meaningful cases, demonstrate that our restoration efforts are working, and that as time goes by, more and more life will return to these restored ecosystems! We are excited to see how these ecosystems will look in the coming years.

Here are some more snapshots from the maintenance visits:

Seed collection is in full process!

By Allgemein, News Home

Seed collection is a vital step for ecological restoration in the processes conducted by the BJF. It guarantees the supply of seeds both for the nursery and for the direct seeding restoration technique.

The first step is to analyze the region’s native vegetation, identify the species present and their ecological behavior. Which species grow faster? What species participate in community restructuring after any disturbance (such as falling trees after windstorms or fires)? When we know the species, we can look for additional information in specialized literature.

With this knowledge, it is possible to determine the phenology of each spacies, that is, the time of year when fruits and seeds are produced.

In a new field trip, we identify the healthiest individuals of each species, collect their geographic coordinates and general characteristics. It is important to have a minimum number of individuals to guarantee the genetic diversity of our seeds.

Thus, the seeds are collected from those cataloged individuals, always considering that we cannot collect all the seeds, so as not to compromise the reproduction of the trees.

The seeds thus harvested are processed and sent for storage or sowing.

Carlos Silva from Fazenda Santa Fe talks about the importance of the seed collection process:

BJF on Tess to Sustainability Podcast

By Allgemein, News Home

Have a listen to this episode of the Tess to Sustainability Podcast, featuring one of the BJF Team Members Joel Boele!

Black Jaguar Foundation’s Joel Boele joined Tess to Sustainability for an insightful conversation on how you can contribute to sustainability and restoration efforts! Have a listen below:

Selected for BTG’s Acceleration Program!

By News Home

We’re extremely proud to have been selected for BTG’s acceleration programme! The Brazilian Banco BTG Pactual has developed a program to support the professionalization and acceleration of social organizations.

This initiative includes 100h of training and aims to foster a more sustainable, independent and better performing ecosystem, contributing to social transformation. 

The selection for this program was made based on the social impact of our project in its region of operation, as well as the potential of the project to expand its reach. Our team members are attending bi-weekly classes and seminars, led by professionals with experience in the non-profit sector, and participating in mentoring sessions in Strategic Planning, Impact Business Model, Finance, and Social Transformation led by a volunteer corp selected among the bank employees, besides sharing rich experiences with other important social organizations. 

The Black Jaguar Foundation is currently undergoing this training, and will use the skills learned to increase its reach and success!

Welcoming new BJF Team Members!

By Allgemein, News Home

We’re proud to welcome five new members to our Core Team! Please give a warm welcome to our newest team members: Norivania Diniz, Erivelto Carvalho, Kaleo Pereira, Clarissa Sciarra, and Michelle Bade! The first four members will join our team in Brazil, while Michelle will be supporting the Amsterdam office.

(From left to right) Erivelto is our new Field Coordinator, Michelle has started as our new Communications Coordinator, Kaleo will fill the position of Restoration Analyst, Clarissa is our new Geoprocessing Analyst, and Norivania is our new Seedlings Production Analyst. As the scale of our project grows, so does our team!

Click through the descriptions of our newest team members to get to know them better!

Clarissa is our new Geoprocessing Analyst! Clarissa is trained as a Forest Engineer and has an extensive history working with mapping and geoprocessing. She is a crucial part of our team in Brazil, mapping all future restoration sites to enable us to make a plan for the reforestation.

Kaleo is our new Restoration Analyst! He is a Forest Engineer, with a Master Degree in Applied Statistic and Biometry, and a Doctoral in Forest Engineering from the Federal University of Viçosa.

Norivânia is our new Seedling Production Analyst! She is a Forest Enginner, graduated from the Federal University of Tocantins. She has worked in the academic seedling nursery and restoration project sectors, in partnership with the University of Ruraltins. Norivânia coordinates the seedling production nursery for ecological restoration and helps with fieldwork along the biodiversity corridor.

Erivelto is our new Field Supervisor! He lives in Santana do Araguaia, in the state of Pará. He works as the field foreman in planting seedlings and seeds, maintaining the areas, and helping the BJF team in the field for the best results. And he has a great love and admiration for nature.

Michelle is our new Communications Coordinator! Michelle recently graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Political Science and Anthropology, from University College Utrecht. Originally from Germany, but spending many years of her life in Brazil, Michelle holds a personal connection to the country, as well as the project. She will be helping spread the word about BJF, and expanding its online presence. 

Find us on EarthToday’s newly launched Platform!

By News Home

On International Earth Day, April 22nd, the EarthToday platform officially launched, and the Black Jaguar Foundation participated! EarthToday is a large-scale initiative to protect the planet, meter by meter. 

EarthToday is developed to “sustainably facilitate a growing group of conscious people from all around the world who want to take care of each other and the planet we live on”. On their platform, also referred to as a Purpose Portal, EarthToday has created a community that can inspire and motivate each other to contribute to a better world, by sharing content about the state of the planet and the world. 

Find our portal page here, and learn more about the Black Jaguar’s involvement here, or watch this video by EarthToday to learn more:

Leveling of the land for the brand new nursery has started!

By Allgemein, News Home

We are very excited to announce that the leveling of the land for our newest and largest nursery has begun!

Before starting the building of the infrastructure, we are currently in the process of clearing and levelling the land. This has to be done very carefully to ensure that there will be no water damage done to the nursery once it is up and running. Stay tuned for more updates on how the nursery construction progresses!

Take a tour around the nursery site!