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BJF Governance project begins!

By 27. November 2019October 13th, 2021News Home

This year has seen many exciting developments which have propelled us into the next stages of our project, and as we grow, so must our structures. The BJF is therefore proud to have been awarded a Corporate Governance project by Vieira Rezende, a renowned Brazilian law firm. 

Vieira Rezende’s talented attorneys are currently working pro-bono in order to help us create compliance policies and set up a Brazilian advisory board. This board will be formed from renowned professionals from finance, forest restoration, third sector, impact business, environmental legislation and Agribusiness to help guide us in our future endeavours. The Brazilian Corporate Governance project will help bring even more transparency and trust to our partners and donors, as well as being a fundamental step towards broadening our Brazilian community! This is a crucial next step in the development of the BJF, helping to prepare us for the next, exciting phases of our immense task. 

Read Vieira Rezende’s partner brochure to find out more about how they support the BJF and what this means for their organisation.