“If you want to change something but you think you are too small, try falling asleep with a mosquito in your room.”


Owners of Sleepwise

About us

Sleepwise started out with a mission to help people sleep better. Over the years, the company has grown to two large 500 square meters stores. It’s important to both owners, Floris and Natascha Wouterson, to fine-tune its selection with products that harm the environment as little as possible. In addition, the company is greatly concerned with the drastic impact of humankind on our planet and therefore proudly supports the Black Jaguar Foundation and his efforts.

How we relate to the BJF

Floris and Natascha Wouterson are more than Corporate Friends. As official BJF fundraisers, the couple actively promotes our mission through both their business  and private network. They learned about the Araguaia Corridor in 2012 when they met the BJF Initiator. Once they understood the vision behind this huge challenge, there was no doubt: they would wholeheartedly support this initiative. Floris and Natascha Wouterson  have since been able to invite a long list of companies to become official supporters of the BJF. Their support and enthusiasm for the foundation has resulted in a range of key partnerships with both companies and individuals.