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Together for future generations: Our partnership with Tulpen van Sam

Tulpen van Sam is a Dutch tulip and tulip bulb company, and has partnered with the BJF in an effort to render the production of his tulips carbon-neutral. Sam Ruijter, owner and CEO of Tulpen van Sam, talks all about the story of his company in the new video testimonial for the BJF.  

Sam has already taken many steps to ensure that his company becomes climate-neutral. This includes the installation of a heat pump, to allow his glasshouse to run completely without fossil fuels for example. Now, he is partnering with the BJF to plant trees in the Araguaia Corridor to compensate for the CO2 emissions produced by his business.  

He hopes to set an example and inspire others, to use energy and raw materials in a circular way.  

Easter Tulip action

A few weeks ago, our BJF Holland Team spent the day delivering Sam’s Climate Neutral Tulips to some of our loyal BJF partners and Friends.  

This amazing collaboration with Tulpen van Sam, shows we can all make the difference today! The tulips were a small reminder to everyone that restoring the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor cannot be possible without your continuous support. 

Find out more about Tulpen van Sam on his first600 page!