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An update on the construction of our nursery

The construction of our new nursery is progressing, and the field team is hard at work with preparations. This exciting new venture started in March last year and will make use of 3,6 hectares of land to nurture around 500,000 native seedlings per year. 

What is happening on the ground?

We are currently finalizing the construction of our office, classroom and storage buildings in Santana do Araguaia. It is all coming together nicely, and we are excited for these areas to be put to good use!

In addition, our nursery is almost done, and we expect to start producing seedlings in the first two weeks of May. If all goes according to plan, the nursery should be functional by the 31st of May.

This nursery will have an incredibly positive impact on the restoration of the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor. Establishing it would not have been possible without the support of our loyal sponsor partners. Thank you once again for your valuable support and contributions!

Have a look at how our nursery is progressing below