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Contact4You supports the BJF!

By 13. September 2022October 4th, 2022News Home

Our new partner Contact4You believes that making a difference always starts with yourself. That’s why they have partnered with the Black Jaguar Foundation!  

The organisation carefully considers sustainability in every decision they make. Internally, Contact4You has already started to:  

  1.  Separate waste 
  2.  Support local entrepreneurs 
  3. Make use of electric cars 
  4. Encourage their employees to work hybrid  

Reforestation affects all of our lives. Today, but also in the future. From the air that we breathe, to the water we drink, to the medicines we take, we are all dependent on the health of our ecosystems.

Contact4You joined the BJF community of sponsor partners in July 2022. A big thank you to them for choosing to invest in our mission of hope and action and ensure a healthy planet for our future generations.  

 At the Black Jaguar Foundation, we are currently working to realise the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor so that it can become the longest nature corridor on Earth with 2600 km in length and 40 km in width. 

 Together we CAN make the difference. Find out how you can become a BJF partner here and get to know one of our newest partners in their first 600 page! multichannel customer service specialist