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Training the Araguaia Seed Collection Collective

By 25. September 2022October 24th, 2022News Home

In preparation for this planting season, our team has been working hard to collect seeds with the Araguaia Seed Collection Collective, led by Laís D’Ísep dos Santos.  

So far, we have already bought seeds of around 11 different native tree species! The seeds we have purchased are mainly caju (cashew) seeds, since there is an abundance of these in the settlements that are near our restoration sites.  

Currently, we have 18 participants who are actively collecting seeds and over 100 other people recently received the first two modules of seed collective training.

We plan to complete this first cycle, consisting of four modules of training sessions, by the end of this year.  

The Seed Collection Collective will focus on the following native species this year:

Popular name   Scientific name  
Aroeira verdadeira  Astronium urundeuva 
Baru  Dipteryx alata 
Cashew  Anacardium occidentale 
Copaíba  Copaifera spp. 
Embaúba  Cecropia pachystachya 
Favela/orelha  Enterolobium schomburgkii 
Guarita  Astronium fraxinifolium 
Jatobá  Hymenaea courbaril 
Melzinho/mamoninha do mato  Mabea spp. 
Monjoleiro  Senegalia polyphylla 
Mutamba  Guazuma ulmifolia 
Pente-de-macaco  Apeiba timbourbou 
Tamboril/orelha  Enterolobium timbouva 
Urucum plantado  Bixa orellana
Xixá  Sterculia spp. 

Have a look at the first two modules for our seed collective training below!