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Watch: Our partner Carlos Felix, owner of the Belavista farm

Carlos Felix and his wife Regina are the owners of the Belavista farm, in the heart of the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor.

We are extremely excited to have them join our journey to realize the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor. At the Black Jaguar Foundation, we believe that connecting with where our food comes from is the first step in transforming food systems.

It motivates us to see that farmers in the region acknowledge the importance of ensuring our ecosystem’s health and are passionate about creating a better world for our future generations.

As Carlos Felix puts it in the following video:

“Our biggest wealth today is water” and “Our biggest treasure is rain”.

Without water, there is no agriculture. Carlos Felix knows that it is too late to be a pessimist.

Have a listen to his inspiring testimonial in the video below.

Biodiversity and ecosystem services keep our world alive. Farmers like Carlos Felix are aware that food production depends on sustaining our environment.

Together, we can align food production with the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest and Cerrado Savanna!