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The Black Jaguar Foundation was Featured in Estadão, one of the most read and relevant newspapers in Brazil.

We are incredibly grateful to Eduardo Geraque for taking an interest in our mission and giving the world a closer look at how we are ecologically restoring the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor.

The Estadão piece begins by highlighting our project’s goal:

“If all Legal Reserves and Permanent Preservation Areas in Brazil complied with Brazilian Law, the forest’s ecosystem services, which include the preservation of biodiversity and natural water resources, would be working at full speed”.

At the Black Jaguar Foundation, we aim to restore Private Protected Areas and Legal Reserves together with landowners along the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor.

Nevertheless, as Geraque points out:

“The environmental deficit in the 2.6 thousand kilometers along the Araguaia river is of one million hectares”.

The scope of our project is big, and this is part of what makes it so challenging. Still, we believe that, together with our loyal sponsors and partner farmers, we can realize the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor.

Let’s make this happen together! Join our mission by donating a tree or reaching out to us at

Read the piece here to find out more about how the Black Jaguar Foundation is restoring the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor.