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Greenfinity Foundation extends BJF Green Partnership

By 13. December 2021March 15th, 2022Allgemein, News Home

We are excited to announce the continuation of our partnership with Greenfinity Foundation! Greenfinity Foundation, seated in Graz, Austria, is committed to actively supporting initiatives that promote the preservation of natural habitats. As one of Greenfinity’s chosen organizations, the Black Jaguar Foundation is honored to be working together and receiving support to realize the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor, part of which will become the Greenfinity Forest! 

In line with their motto, “Together for our World. A Future Together”, the Greenfinity Foundation has been implementing sustainable environmental and climate projects across the globe since its foundation in 2011. We are excited to continue working together with our valued partner, and together work towards realizing the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor, and safeguarding our future. 

Learn more about Greenfinity on their First 600 profile page!