“We all need to work together to protect our most fragile and ecologically important ecosystems.”

Stephanie Adler-Fürntrath & Katharina Roche 

Chairwoman & Project Coordinator Greenfinity Foundation

About our Company

The Greenfinity Foundation – Association for the Protection of the Environment, is a charitable association seated in Graz, Austria.
Applying the motto “Together for our World. A Future Together.” the Greenfinity Foundation has been implementing sustainable environmental and climate projects across the globe since its foundation in 2011.

Stephanie Adler-Fürntrath has been the active chairwoman of the Greenfinity Foundation since its foundation. In 2019 Katharina Roche joined the organization and team as project coordinator and operative support.

How we relate to the BJF

Our livelihoods and important ecosystems are increasingly endangered by polluting the earth and extracting too many resources before they can be restored, such as through wide-scale deforestation. Especially endangered is the “green lung” of the earth: the Amazon rainforest. This ecosystem needs to be protected and restored – which is why reforestation projects such as by the BJF are so important. We are very happy we can be a part of the realization of the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor.