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Join Alaine Ball from One Tree Planted as she visits the Araguaia Corridor

By 13. December 2021March 8th, 2022Allgemein, News Home

 13th December, 2021

In the beginning of this year, Alaine Ball, Project Manager from One Tree Planted visited our project sites in Santana do Araguaia. While she was there, she recorded some of her adventures with us, so that you can all experience what it’s like at our project sites! 

Alaine had the chance to speak with two of our forest engineers, Carlos Eduardo and Dimitrio Schievenin, to learn more about our work on the ground. They visited the properties Fazenda Santa Fe and Fazenda Cedro, and learnt about the planting sites in the respective farms. The short film gives you great insight into the work that is happening on site, and how your contributions are helping to realize the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor.  

Read all about Alaine’s experience at the Black Jaguar project below:  

“In January of 2021, Alaine visited the corridor to check in on the plantings. The trees were doing well and already quite tall, having been interplanted with green manure. Dimitrio Schievenin from Black Jaguar shows us a Sombrero tree, a tree species that helps to rebuild the forest structure. There’s still significant work required in order to rebuild the forest, especially in terms of maintenance. Removing invasive grass, for example, is crucial for continued tree growth. We speak to Carlos Eduardo from the Black Jaguar Foundation, who explains that the partnership started a year and a half prior, based on the property’s need for restoration and environmental compliance. In addition, the partnership will help the property itself through reforestation. Alaine visits one of the areas they’re planted recently, which is about a month and a half old and has two hectares, where over 3,000 seedlings have been planted. On the farm Fazenda Santa Fe, they’ve planted a total of 15 hectares and 30,000 seedlings. The Fazenda Santa Fe is one of the biggest soy farms and cattle ranch farms in the region, but they understand the importance of land restoration, which is why they partnered with the Black Jaguar Foundation. Seedlings on the property are doing very well, growing vigorously and comprising of diverse species. Black Jaguar Foundation will need to do maintenance for 3 years and after this period the forest will be able to sustain itself. Alaine also visits Fazenda Cedro, to plant angico seedlings. Ben Valks from Black Jaguar Foundation explains that in spite of seeing nature around the riverbank, the whole area is dominated by soy farms and other agro-businesses. This is why Black Jaguar is excited about the Araguaia Biodiversity corridor, as planting native trees will help to bring back the rich biodiversity of both the Amazon and the Cerrado ecosystems.”  

– One Tree Planted Team

Nov. 2, 2021