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First Black Jaguar Foundation Billboards hit the streets

By 21. January 2021October 13th, 2021News Home

This year you’ll be seeing even more of the Black Jaguar Foundation with our first national Billboard campaign in the Netherlands! Seen here lighting the way to Schiphol airport on twin billboards…

With the launch of our Donate a Tree page, anyone can now donate any number of trees and become part of this huge reforestation mission. Now we just need to spread the word. Look out for our billboards around the Netherlands as we’ll have more launching throughout the year!

This is just the beginning and with your support, we’ll continue to grow and be able to plant many, many more trees. A huge thank you to Hillenaar outdoors for their support with their perfectly placed, digital billboard.s

While so much of our amazing community exists around the world, all of our work is for the purpose of planting millions of trees in Brazil. To do this we need local partnerships with landowners who allow us to restore their land. And so, we also have billboards in the Araguaia region in Brazil, promoting partnerships to local landowners.

This is one small part of our increasing work to increase engagement with these local stakeholders! In 2020, we launched a Whatsapp video awareness campaign, radio advertisements, and in 2021 we will commence an in-depth research study into landscape governance in the region. These local partners are the heroes of our project and it’s about creating a win-win for the communities and our planet!