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The BJF Nursery has been producing seedlings for 1 year!

By 23. June 2023June 29th, 2023News Home

In June 2022, we began seedling production at the Black Jaguar Foundation Nursery, one of the largest in the region, with the capacity to produce up to 500,000 seedlings per planting season.

Over the past 12 months, our nursery team has faced numerous challenges, gained valuable knowledge, and achieved remarkable accomplishments. We can proudly say that we are very proud of the results we have achieved so far.

Black Jaguar Foundation Nursery: From Construction to the First 500,000 Seedlings
Starting Construction of the BJF’s Large-Scale Nursery

In March 2021, the Black Jaguar Foundation partnered with Santana do Araguaia’s City Hall to build a large-scale nursery. The city granted us 3.6-hectares of land in the municipality’s Environmental Park.  After an extensive construction process, the nursery is now successfully producing resilient seedlings, storing our seeds, and even serving as a space for environmental education.

Starting Seedling Production

After a year of construction, we officially began seedling production in our nursery. To accomplish this, our Seedling Production Coordinator, Norivânia Diniz, trained and led our dedicated nursery team, determined to achieve ambitious goals and plant as many trees as possible. Thanks to their great efforts, our results for the last planting season were incredible.

Over the months, we saw the area transform into a nursery full of life. Little by little, our nursery became completely green:

Black Jaguar Foundation Nursery: A Space for Environmental Education

As well as producing and caring for our seedlings, the BJF Nursery Team also shared their knowledge of seedlings with the numerous groups that visited the BJF Nursery. Political representatives, university and technical students, children, and other government agencies were all able to see firsthand the work carried out by the Black Jaguar Foundation.

We are extremely happy to see that local institutions view us as an example of environmental restoration and care!

Achievements in the Last 12 Months

As you may have noticed, the past year has been full of hard work! Still, despite all the challenges, our nursery team successfully grew enough seedlings for the last planting season and are already producing for the next rainy season.

Thanks to their great work and dedication, we achieved:

  • Over 35 germinated species
  • Over 300,000 seedlings produced for the 22/23 planting season
  • Over 1,200 kg of seeds collected by the Araguaia Seed Network
Incredible, isn’t it? To support the Black Jaguar Foundation’s Nursery and enable us to produce even more healthy and resilient seedlings for the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor, please contact us at