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TreeLove visits the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor

By 21. November 2023News Home

Black Jaguar had the honor of hosting our long-time partner, Andrea Dreesmann, founder of TreeLove, in Santana do Araguaia. Along three days of visit, we had an excellent opportunity to present our work and the ever-growing socio-environmental impact our project is making in the region! A big thank you goes out to Andrea Dreesmann and the Treelove Team. 

There were three days of visits to Black Jaguar’s main locations: the restoration areas, the seedling nursery and even seed collection. 

Black Jaguar Foundation Seedling Nursery

On the first day in Santana do Araguaia, Andrea Dreesmann visited the nursery, already filled with seedlings that will be planted early next year. 

At that time, Norivânia Diniz, our seedling production analyst, took the opportunity to explain the seedling production process – and the TreeLove founder got her hands dirty! Check out the images: 

Visit to restoration sites

After the seedling production process, it’s time to see all the seed and seedlings developing in our restoration areas. We took Andrea Dreesmann to one of our partner rural properties to show a restored area from 11 months ago. Our supporter also took the opportunity to plant her own tree. Check it out: 

Collecting seeds with the Araguaia Seed Network

To showcase the impacts that the Araguaia Seeds Network is generating for local populations, we invited Laís D’Isep, seed production analyst responsible for mobilizing communities and conducting training. 

And since we couldn’t miss the opportunity to introduce Andrea to local communities – the true heroes behind the seed collection that makes our ecological restoration possible – we took a small boat to an island in the Araguaia River. There, a seed-collecting couple accompanied us on an expedition in search of native seeds from the region’s flooded areas. 

After this intense immersion in the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor, we were able to show up close our work and the extent of the socio-environmental impact our project is making in the region. 

Follow TreeLove’s initiative and support the Biodiversity Corridor. Let’s build one of the planet’s largest ecological restoration projects together. Click here and contribute. 

Learn more about TreeLove here. 

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