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Support the Araguaia Seed Collection Collective!

By 10. October 2022October 25th, 2022News Home

The Araguaia Seed Collection Collective is currently in the running for a grant, financed by Global Landscapes Forum (GLF)! The first stage of the challenge involves online voting, until the 15th of October, and your help is needed! Watch the video linked below and get to know the project.

To support our application, click on the link below, register in the GLF platform, like and comment on our video. Each like is worth 3 points and each comment 5 points. Navigating the platform will take a few minutes of your time but will greatly help our team and the communities they support daily!


To support us, you can:

✓ Register in the GLX platform

✓ Like the video

✓ Comment on the video

✓ Share with your friends!



The Araguaia Seed Collection Collective is an initiative started by the Black Jaguar Foundation’s team together with local communities in Caseara and Marianópolis, in the state of Tocantins. The initiative started as a means of providing our project with seeds however also shows great potential to complement the income of local communities living near the Araguaia River.

This year, we have started training sessions for communities living in settlements in the Araguaia region! We have germinated many of these seeds in the new BJF nursery, and some of the seedlings will be planted during this planting season. Further, our field team is currently visiting many different communities, providing training sessions and technical equipment, to incentivise individuals to become a part of our project.

We need your help to expand and strengthen this initiative in 2023! Will you join us in supporting communities with a complementary income and promoting the conservation of forests?


It’s too late to be a pessimist, and we need your support to realise the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor!