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One Tree Planted join the BJF for Landmark partnership

By 17. July 2020October 13th, 2021News Home

One Tree Planted is partnering with the Black Jaguar Foundation! At One Tree Planted, their mission is simple – to make it easy for people to plant trees and help the environment. More people planting trees means more life and more hope for the future!

Partnering with local communities and people planting trees around the world, OneTreePlanted is building a global community, committed to creating positive. The Black Jaguar Foundation is now part of this Global Community and OneTreePlanted has committed to helping realise the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor with the co-financing of our first million trees!

As part of this partnership, we are honoured to have been matched with Arsenal football player Héctor Bellerín, to be the recipient organisation for his campaign to donate £3000 per arsenal win this season. This is an amazing example of how people from different places and different walks of life can work together to preserve our planet and we are so excited to welcome Héctor Bellerín on board this epic reforestation mission!
Read more about the campaign…


Thanks to Arsenal Football Club’s Hector Bellerin, One Tree Planted will plant 3,000 trees for every game the team wins starting in June, 2020! Fans can further contribute to this goal in order to make the biggest possible impact for the environment.

See some of the seedlings that will make up this million trees…

OneTreePlanted knows that the impact of reforestation is extensive. It’s crucial to rebuild forests after fires and floods, it has a major impact for the creation of jobs, and it restores biodiversity preserving our planet and it’s vital resources. This is to name just a few of the impacts we see when we plant trees.

These first million trees will be planted predominantly in the state of Para, in the transition zone between the Cerrado savanna and the Amazon rainforest. This is the region where our nurseries are currently located and where we are already building a close community of landowners and partners, working with individuals and groups from the local region to help stimulate local economic growth and nurture sustainable alternatives to traditional agricultural practices.

In the recent Green Capital study, which looked at the total impact that the complete restoration of the Araguaia Biodiversity study will have on the local and global community, job production and revenue gained by the landowner were among the major social impacts predicted. These are in addition to the major environmental impact for our planet.

See some of the preliminary results below, full study to be released soon!

We are thrilled to be working with such an innovative, committed organisation that shares our dream of a much, much greener future!