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Finish Profiles Group goes carbon neutral with the Black Jaguar Foundation

By 25. February 2021October 13th, 2021News Home

Finish Profiles Group is the number 1 supplier of steel roof and wall plates, and it is going carbon neutral by 2030! 

Together with the Hedgehog company, we calculated the company’s carbon emissions up to 2030. In line with the Hedgehog company’s calculations, we will plant 11, 625 trees on behalf of Finish Profile’s Group. Over the course of 26 years, as these trees reach maturity, they will remove 1.7 million kilos of carbon from our atmosphere.

In addition to actively compensating for their carbon emissions, the Finish Profile’s Group is investing in low carbon technologies and increasingly building their business with our planet in mind.

On top of being committed to providing their customers with a quality service, the Finish Profile Group is now committed to helping us work towards a more sustainable future for all. Founder and CEO, Chris van der Vossen, has one question for you, will you join them?