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Building the Araguaia Seed Collective: collecting seeds to keep the forest growing!

The restoration of the Araguaia Corridor relies on planting native trees. To do this, we need native seeds to produce seedlings for the restoration process! Many of our seeds come from our seed collective, which originally started spontaneously, but has proven to be a valuable asset in providing our project with seeds. 

A few years ago, individuals from local communities took the initiative to start collecting and providing us with seeds from their gardens, plots of land, and farms.  

This initiative is growing, and now shows immense potential in providing a complementary income to groups living near the Araguaia River! Our field team has been diligently reaching out to different communities and encouraging them to join our seed collective.  

The local seed collective not only allows for an income, but for livelihoods. As communities start to see the value of keeping their forest intact, for social and economic benefits, they want to secure the forest and make sure they collect seeds in a sustainable manner. 

Click through the images below to see our seed collective in motion