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BJF team demonstrates the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor!

By 25. April 2023News Home

At the start of this month, the BJF team presented the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor to some of our loyal sponsor partners! Over the course of three days, we organized visits to the BJF nursery, ecological restoration sites, and seed collection activities with the Araguaia Seed network. We even collected seeds in flooded areas, from a canoe! 

Amazing, isn’t it? Check out the “logbook” that we have prepared for you:

During our first day in Santana do Araguaia (PA), we visited the BJF Nursery, which is already full of seedlings for the next planting season! 

At the nursery, our Seedling Production Analyst, Norivânia Diniz, explained the entire process of seedling production. Afterwards, our visitors got their hands dirty by carrying out the direct seeding of andiroba and sombrero seeds, and then transplanting annatto and guanandi seedlings from the sand beds where they were originally sowed, to tubes. 

See the visit in action:

In the morning of the following day, we visited our ecological restoration sites on one of our partner farms! We visited an area where we carried out ecological restoration just 11 months ago. See how our trees have grown 

Our visitors took the opportunity to plant some trees themselves:  

During the afternoon, our Seed Production Analyst, Laís D’Ísep, talked about the Araguaia Seed Network and the positive impact that it is generating for the communities that live in the region. 

At the end of the day, our Articulation Coordinator, Marcelle Grumberg, answered our parner’s questions regarding the Brazilian Forest Code and explained how the Black Jaguar Foundation works with landowners in the region.  

Marcelle Grumberg, BJF Articulation Coordinator, next to an Urucum tree in our 11 month old restoration site
Meeting the Araguaia Seed Network

On the last day of the trip, we were excited to introduce our loyal BJF partners to members of the Araguaia Seed Network. Our Seed Network started as a means of providing seeds for our project of ecological restoration is now making a real difference for communities living in the Araguaia region! One of the families that is currently collecting seeds for Black Jaguar Foundation invited us to their house, which borders the Araguaia River. We collected seeds in surrounding areas however needed a canoe to do so given that many sites flooded during the rainy season.  

After fully immersing themselves in the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor, our BJF sponsors left with a very clear picture of the socio-environmental impact that our project is promoting in the region. They were also very please to see how much we have grown in past years.  

We are very proud of all that we have seen in the past few days and hope that, after reading this account of their visit, you feel closer to our mission as well!  

Some of our valued partners with members of the BJF team
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