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BJF partners with local government in Pará to restore native vegetation!

By 25. April 2023News Home

A big thank you to the state of Pará’s Secretary of Environment and sustainability for inviting the Black Jaguar Foundation to become part of the working group that will be responsible for building Para’s plan to restore native vegetation!  

The plan, which is part of the program “Amazônia Agora” (PEAA), aims to restore 5.4 million hectares in Pará until 2030. It will be a collaborative effort, to be delivered at this year’s UN Climate Conference (COP 28). This will further the goal of neutralising Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by the year 2036, as outlined in the PEAA plan.

The Working Group will be responsible for holding meetings, identifying obstacles and opportunities, mapping ongoing restoration activities in the state of Pará, promoting workshops for building the state of Pará’s restoration activities, among many other activities.

Around 50 institutions are currently participating in this working group, including governmental agencies, research institutions, NGOs, indigenous peoples, quilombolas, and traditional communities. 

The Black Jaguar Foundation was present in the working group’s inauguration cerimony

On the 17th of March, part of our landraising team, led by Marcelle Grumberg, traveled to Belém to represent the BJF at the opening ceremony of the Working Group. 

Have a look some pictures of our team with Raul Protázio Romão, Pará’s Secretary of Environment and sustainability (left), and Mariana Iguatemy (right) at the event:  

We are very proud to be part of a project based on dialogue between such a diverse group of people and organizations. We hope this collaboration will contribute to the creation, integration, and promotion of projects that contribute to the ecological restoration of the Earth. Additionally, we are certain that increasing restoration efforts will also benefit the local economy by providing new jobs and income 

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