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Black Jaguar presents virtually at the Good to Nature Rainforest Festival in China

By 17. September 2023September 22nd, 2023News Home

The Black Jaguar Foundation was invited by Good to Nature, a non-profit organization based in China, to virtually showcase Black Jaguar Foundation’s work.  During the Tropical Forest Festival, an audience of students, private sector professionals, and civil organizations from China were introduced to our work.

The goal was to introduce the Black Jaguar Foundation and the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor, shedding light on the key features of one of the world’s most important tropical forests: the Amazon. The presentation was shared on China’s most popular online platform, with approximately 83.5 million daily active users.

Tropical Forest Festival – Good to Nature

Due to the relatively small distribution of rainforest in the total land area in China, there is limited knowledge about these ecosystems. Hence, Good to Nature decided to host a festival filled with activities and lectures to give the Chinese audience a chance to appreciate the beauty and significance of tropical forests worldwide.

The event’s purpose was to emphasize the importance of biodiversity and the restoration of these ecosystems, particularly promoting projects and activities around the world dedicated to protecting and restoring tropical forests.

Introducing the Amazon Rainforest to the Chinese Audience

During the presentation, Joel Boele, Community Outreach Coordinator, explained where we operate, the unique aspects of the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor, characteristics of the region’s flora and fauna, and underscored the impact of our project on the environment and the local population.

It was an excellent opportunity to engage with a diverse audience and exchange experiences with other participants at the event.

Audience insights and feedbacks

After the lecture, students applied their newfound knowledge to design exhibition panels. During the preparation, they not only relied on the information shared by Black Jaguar but also conducted further research on the Amazon Rainforest.

One week after the presentation, Good to Nature sought feedback from the students who attended. Here are some testimonials:

“As a city-raised child, I could only learn about the rainforest through documentaries. Participating in this rainforest citizen education program brought me so much joy! I feel that my love for nature has found a home, and my life has become more fulfilling. In the future, I hope not only to promote the importance of the rainforest to others but also to apply the knowledge I learned here to restoration efforts, such as tree planting.”

– XU Xinyu

“As a future guardian of the rainforest, I realized the challenges of this role. Not only are there unexpected incidents to handle, but we also need to respond to unexpected questions from visitors. This taught me to be adaptable. I also learned a lot about the rainforest here and can now share that knowledge with others.”

– LIU Yichen

“Participating in the Future Rainforest Guardian Program made me realize the importance of rainforest conservation, especially in the face of global warming. Rainforest restoration can help mitigate global warming, as the rainforest plays a crucial role in carbon storage. Additionally, rainforest restoration contributes to the recovery of ecosystem services, including climate and water regulation, providing habitats for various plants and animals. When the air and water are cleaner, we can have a better living environment!”

– LI Zhongze

About Good to Nature

Good to Nature is a non-profit organization based in China dedicated to the restoration and protection of ecosystems. The organization is committed to promoting the protection and revitalization of ecosystems in China. They work not only on restoring tropical forests but also on promoting the importance of tropical forests and encouraging the Chinese population to participate in their restoration and protection.

We would like to express our gratitude to Good to Nature for giving us the opportunity to present the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor to an enthusiastic audience committed to building a better tomorrow for all of us. It’s heartwarming to see so many young individuals determined to protect our forests.

Would you like to join us in realizing one of the longest biodiversity corridors on Earth? Become one of the First 600 to join our mission of hope and action HERE.