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BJF x CAIXA partnership during the 22/23 planting season

By 30. March 2023News Home

Caixa Federal Bank, one of the Black Jaguar Foundation’s loyal partners, is one of the three largest financial institutes in Latin America. Together, we will be planting 1 million trees in the coming years. During this planting season, we have already started planting seedlings and seeds with CAIXA’s support!

In 2022, CAIXA visited the BJF restoration sites and carried out extensive verification processes prior to signing our agreement in March. Have a look at some CAIXA team visiting the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor below.

CAIXA team visiting the BJF ecological restoration sites

Ecological restoration is the main objective of our partnership, but for this to happen, a lot of preparations are needed leading up to the rainy season.


Months before the start of the rainy season, we start collecting and buying native seeds, to use in the production of seedlings or direct seeding.

To grow these seeds, we need dedicated individuals working hard on a daily basis. That’s why we have increased the number of people working in the BJF Nursery!

In our nursery, everyone is trained and qualified for the different activities including: sowing seeds, transplanting seedlings, managing irrigation, ensuring the growth and resilience of seedlings and, finally,  sending the seedlings to our restoration sites.

After going through these processes, the seedlings become Strong and healthy! Only then are they ready to be planted in our partner farms.


Our field assistants are trained in different planting activities: land preparation, use of fertilizers, building firebreaks, seeding, and taking care of seedlings, among Other activities. All of therm receive close guidence from our Field and Forest Operations Coordinators, and Restoration Analysts and Field Supervisors.

Before starting activities, our team receives theoretical and practical training in work safety. Only then are we ready to perform our duties safely and efficiently – for our BJF team and the environment.

After all these steps, it’s time to make the ecological restoration happen! Since an image says more than a thousand words, check out some images of our team working to carry out the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor:

Incredible, right? None of this would be possible without the partnership with CAIXA Econômica Federal. We are very happy with the trust placed in our work and are hope that this will be a long term partnership in the realization of the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor.

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