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World Water Day: The Importance of Spring Preservation

By 15. March 2024March 21st, 2024News Home

March 22nd marks World Water Day! This year, we want to underscore the importance of preserving springs for the balance of aquatic ecosystems, biodiversity restoration and natural resource preservation—as well as for sustainable development and the quality of life of communities depending on these water sources. 

Water is a fundamental resource for life, for both humans and ecosystems. Preserving springs is crucial for ensuring the supply of drinking water and maintaining the balance of aquatic ecosystems. 

Therefore, seeking ways to preserve these springs is vital. Small actions, such as avoiding deforestation in areas near springs, promoting the restoration of riparian forests, and adopting sustainable water use practices, can make a significant difference. 

With this purpose in mind, the Black Jaguar Foundation develops actions that promote ecological restoration, thus conserving watercourses and their respective springs. 

Check out the image below of a small spring identified during field validation work by our validation analyst, Matheus Fonseca, which will soon have its surroundings restored: 

Matheus Fonseca also prepared content directly from one of our partner rural properties to demonstrate how simple actions can preserve springs and ensure a healthy ecosystem: 

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