“Communicating the impact of ecological restoration and conservation in a more transparent, data-driven, and engaging way!”

Alexander Watson

Founder & CMO at explorer.land by OpenForests


explorer.land is a map portal to discover, connect to, and communicate impactful nature-based projects. Nature initiatives use explorer.land to document and display their progress and to engage with stakeholders. Funders and businesses use the platform to find interesting projects to collaborate with (the interactive map allows for easy navigation and filtering of projects). Thematic global data layers, 3D views, multimedia, and high-resolution drone & satellite imagery support transparency, engagement, and immersion.


We whole-heartedly stand behind Black Jaguar Foundation’s mission and believe their work will lead to a better world for both people and nature. Through explorer.land, we support the BJF in communicating their vision, progress, and impact in a transparent and engaging way. We want to spread the message as far and wide as we can, inspire as many people as possible, and connect the BJF with potential funders and supporters in a way that is fruitful and impactful.