“Contribute to preserve the important Amazon.”



About me

Edith has been working  as the personal assistant to the Managing Director of Terberg Leasing BV for many years. During her work, she came in touch with the Black Jaguar Foundation and immediately took the positive step to start supporting the BJF in her private life as well, by becoming a Supporting Friend. Edith and her husband spend a lot of time in the Caribbean and value the beauty and importance of the incredible nature on these islands and beyond.


How I relate to the BJF

‘When I came across the BJF, I was struck by the passion and dedication shown by its initiator Ben Valks, his fellow members and the locals in the black jaguar habitat. Hopefully in the end, the foundation will achieve its goal(s) and will be able to successfully protect not only this beautiful animal, but also significantly contribute  to preserving this important Amazon rainforest and Cerrado savanna. The little sculpture I received will encourage me to keep following the projects.’