“Embrace love as you walk your path of life.”

Anna Ortlieb

Winner Tsū Madness Competition

About me


Anna Lieb is a widely talented person with a big heart. She is the author of the  Little Book of Light.  Other than than writing, Anna is also a philosopher, spiritual counselor and model. She was born in Sweden and now lives in Arizona in the US. ‘I’m full of passion, and although I am a dreamer, I am committed to manifesting my dreams. I have seen the darker sides of life, and I know the value of the things most taken for granted. I know that the grass will be greenest where I put my intention and love.’

How I relate to the BJF


Anna Ortlieb was the great winner of the social media ‘2015 Tsū Madness Competition’ an online contest in which the champion could chose a charity to receive the final prize pool! She generated a positive vibe of awareness for the Black Jaguar Foundation and raised over  1.110 US Dollar and donated the full sum to the BJF! Thank you Anna and to all who voted for you and BJF. A special thank you goes out to Anton Theunissen for being the PR-engine behind the BJF campaign.