I will also share the story of the BJF with our customers.”


Customer Acquisition Director

About us

Motover GmbH is a German insurance broker for corporate customers focused on the mobility area. Dirk Jakobs, a former product manager at Basler Securitas Versicherungs, founded it in 2008. Since their establishment, Motovers Gmbh have managed to consolidate themselves as a leader in the motorcycle branch, always bringing innovative insurance solutions. However, their most striking quality is their commitment to promote full cooperation between the company and the client, who is seen as an entrepreneur.

How we relate to the BJF

“Our insurance business for cars is directly linked to our customers, who are constantly on the road and produce a large amount of CO2 emissions. Of course, this is something we would like to compensate for. We do so by supporting the Black Jaguar Foundation because it’s important to us that we preserve our planet.

We will share the inspiring story of the BJF with our customers, insurers and partners by means of our written communications and during events and we’ll motivate them to become BJF partners too! So, as a joint effort, we can help realize the planting of many trees in Brazil to help create the green Araguaia Corridor.”