& opening brand new factory Scelta Essenza

About Scelta Mushrooms

This friday, 19 october 2018, Scelta Mushrooms celebrates the opening of their brand new factory Scelta Essenza and 25 years of Scelta Mushrooms.

“One of the key values of our company is sustainability, which has a strong connection with the Black Jaguar Foundation. All over the world, we connect people with mushroom products that are tastier, healthier and more sustainable than ever. Our success would not be possible without Mother Nature, so we treat the earth with respect in our processes. We hope our partnership with the BJF will help others to decide to join this wonderful initiative.”

About Scelta’s Celebration

A big thank you to the dear friends of Scelta Mushrooms who all made a donation to the Black Jaguar Foundation in honour of the 25th anniversary of Scelta Mushrooms:

  1. Camerican International          
  2. GTL-Europe Engineering
  3. J. Koster Holding BV                
  4. MJK Frankort beheer BV
  5. VAC teelt BV                             
  6. Luwi Totaalbouw BV
  7. Superclean Schoonmaakbedrijf Steyl
  8. Banken Champignons Groep
  9. Scelta Champignons Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
  10. Dhr/Mevr. Sanders
  11. Mw. E.M. J. Lucassen (Fietsclub Niftrik)
  12. Advanced Food Ingredients LTD
  13. Brightlands Campus Venlo
  14. Zon Holding BV
  15. Walkro Blitterswijck BV
  16. Seacon Logistics BV
  17. Frankenberg GmbH Wuerselen
  18. J.J.M. Lebbink CJ
  19. Food Team International BV
  20. Claassen Champignons B.V.
  21. Van Drie Holding B.V./H. Swinkels
  22. R.G.J. van Valburg
  23. W.A.M. de Jong e.o.
  24. Haasen Consultancy B.V.
  25. Champignon kwekerij Gemert B.V.
  26. Kuhling Fruchthandel KG
  27. DCH Management B.V.
  28. Champi-Mer B.V.
  29. Jordi van der Mark
  30. Rabobank Venlo e.o.
  31. Vedemij B.V.
  32. EFT Nijmegen Sanitas
  33. AH TS
  34. Dima Vermogensbeheer B.V.
  35. Hutten Catering B.V.
  36. Maatschap Ackermans
  37. Laseta Mushrooms B.V.
  38. Hooymans Substrates B.V.
  39. De Haar Keukens Niftrik
  40. Scelta Mushrooms
  41. Frissen Consultancy Maastricht
  42. Gemeente Horst aan de Maas
  43. Limburgse werkgeversvereniging