“We are Black Jaguars. You too?”


4th year students at high school College Hageveld

About us

Sixteen-year-olds Floris Maarse and Joost Doggenaar, students at high school College Hageveld, love to play sports in their free time. Joost plays basketball and Floris is an active rower. In April of 2016, they took on a two week traineeship at the Black Jaguar Foundation. It was their mission to present the BJF project at their school to raise awareness for the importance of the Amazon rainforest and Cerrado savanna. A unique chance for high school College Hageveld to share its support to preserve our planet.

How we relate to the BJF

Together, Joost and Floris made over ten presentations in different classrooms and made  a video testimonial with their own mobile phones. These brave students have set an example for other schools to become involved with the Black Jaguar Foundation.

“The Black Jaguar Foundation helps safeguard our future. That’s why we’re proud supporters of the Foundation and that’s why we call ourselves Black Jaguars.”

According to the BJF, they are truly are ‘Black Jaguars’ and they have more than passed the test as junior trainees. The BJF wishes them all the best during their final years at College Hageveld and beyond.