“It’s combination of idealistic big goals and a clear roadmap to action make BJF stand out; you feel they’ll make a difference.”

Wouter Scheepens

Partner Steward Redqueen

About me

As a partner of Steward Redqueen, a sustainability and impact consultancy, I’m driven by our mission ‘making business work for society’.  Last year I published a book called ‘Sustainability in the Boardroom’ (in Dutch). My conclusion is that although a lot of effort is put into sustainable development, more needs to be done to have a fundamental transformation towards a sustainable society and economy. I’m a stubborn optimist, but sometimes that feels like hard working.

How I relate to the BJF

Having a conversation with Ben Valks about the BJF was great. He made me part of his big dream. But I was also impressed by his ‘down to earth’-approach. Very much focused on the next step that has to be taken to realize BJF’s ambition. That combination of having a big plan (really big, in fact huge!), a concrete roadmap and a thorough process can be an example to many organizations and individuals who want to contribute to a sustainable society.