“Let’s provide insight into the CO2 emissions and H20 Consumption in the packaging industry.”

Patrick Zevenbergen

Marketing Manager

About us

“Paardekooper is one of the largest independent distributors of packaging, disposables, hygiene products and expendables in Europe. Wherever we go we are drawn to packaging. We keep a close eye on trends and have a nose for sniffing out the best packaging ideas. Ideas that form the basis for new and different packaging concepts and that will inspire our clients.”

Smarter by Nature is a science-based environment platform for the packaging industry.Within Paardekooper, the Smarter by Nature platform was created to clarify the unjust and misleading environmental claims in the packaging industry. The unique and scientific concept of Smarter by Nature provides a reliable insight into the CO2 emissions and H2O consumption throughout the lifecycle of a product.

How we relate to the BJF

Through its platform Smarter by Nature, Paardekooper was one of the first BJF official sponsor suppliers by designing, producing and delivering all 600 recyclable gift boxes for the small jaguar sculptures for BJF Supporting Friends. Each black jaguar box clearly mentions  the amount of CO2 and H20 that was used to produce that specific box, providing clarity and creating awareness. As the BJF will need many more recyclable packaging solutions in the future, Paardekooper will continue to sponsor the BJF with stylish packaging solutions that have the lowest possible impact on our environment.