“We really wanted to give something meaningful back to the world. That’s why we are proud to be part of the Black Jaguar Foundation.”

Jason de Weerd



About us

The Actiforce Company is a family-owned global business that provides exceptional quality adjustable height desk frames to improve ergonomics. It started in Holland, but ambition and perseverance is in the family’s DNA and took them global! The company is located in Amsterdam, Penang and Nienburg and delivers its products worldwide. Actiforce  stands out because of its Vision Lift drive patent, which ensures a swift and stable height adjustment for its furniture systems. “Inspiration is the beginning of change. It is the cornerstone of our values, it is inside all of our products. We design, produce, deliver. We are Actiforce.”


How we relate to the BJF

Actiforce has developed a very creative and client-involving way to support the Black Jaguar Foundation and its tasks to help realize the Araguaia Corridor. In 2016, the company became one of the first sponsor partners with exclusive communication rights in their sector. They have designed a unique product line and named it after the Black Jaguar Foundation: the Black Jaguar 170. It is a classy adjustable desk frame that imitates the elusive colors of the magnificent black jaguar. A percentage of the sales of each Black Jaguar 170 is being donated to the BJF and each proud owner of a Black Jaguar 170 receives a certificate of that donation in her or his name. Truly an example of a win-win-win partnership.