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Wasserman  Experience – Global Managing Director

About us

Fred Porro is Global Managing Director at Wasserman Media Group, an international leading global sports and entertainment group. He has been a true contributor to the BJF since his first encounter with the foundation. In his role as Global Managing Director at Wasserman, Fred leads a diverse and dynamic team. Wasserman Experience (and formerly Ignite) has won numerous accolades, including Agency of the Year – five times since 2006.

How we relate to the BJF

In  2013 Fred Porro and his team at the Wasserman office in London have been donating their talent, dedication and skills to the BJF for the co-production of the general BJF trailer and the Araguaia Corridor animation. The BJF Team has used these trailers on a daily basis to get the audience involved ever since. Thank you, Fred, Ashley Aslett and team. Wasserman Experience will play an instrumental future role in activating BJF sponsor partnerships into global PR campaigns and events.