“Sustainability is one of our growth pillars and we want to encourage employees, customers, and partners to do the same.”

Daniel Oliveira

CEO paySmart

About our Company

paySmart is a payment processor, empowering issuers and digital wallets, with a focus on simplicity and efficiency. Whether in the Issuer’s complete processing model, via BIN Sponsor, or with EMV services, our technology is present in more than 27 million devices, in 5 countries, and makes the daily lives of millions of people simpler, cheaper and safer.

How we relate to the BJF

We are committed to zeroing our carbon emissions by 2023. This initiative meets our commitment to think about environmental and social practices in the community, in addition to our purpose of making the world even better. In partnership with the Black Jaguar Foundation, we plan to plant hundreds of trees a year and zero our direct greenhouse gas emissions by 2021.