I felt honored to be given a chance to help preserve our planet for us and most important, for our children.”


Sculptor & BJF Team

About me

Chris Tap is a renowned sculptor and has been developing his passion for the last fourteen years, learning this art form as an autodidact. His sculptures are truly astonishing. Prior to his grand career as a sculptor, Chris graduated in economics and cultural anthropology. These days, he exhibits his works at several art fairs around the world. One of Chris’ features is his fascination for felines, who are a great source of inspiration to his oeuvre. Why? Because of their power and their style. These strong elements help him forge magnificent sculptures, that almost look alive.


How I relate to the BJF

In order to express his support of the BJF, Chris donates his valuable time and artistic talent to the foundation to design jaguar sculptures that are true masterpieces.Through his hands, the BJF is able to offer a token of appreciation and involvement to all sponsor partners, at no financial cost to the BJF and its donors. Chris started off to make the small jaguar sculptures, followed by a larger head of a black jaguar. In 2017, he initiated the idea to create a larger than life jaguar-sculpture, which will become a unique piece of art for large donors and partners of the BJF. Again, fully sponsored! The jaguar sculptures by Chris Tap are a daily reminder to the supporters of the BJF of their positive involvement with our planet and the realization of the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor in particular. Thank you, Chris, for your fantastic ongoing support and friendship.