“It is our responsibility to deal with nature in a respectable and sustainable way so that we do not burden the next generation with the negative consequences of our existence.”

Florian de Clerq (†)


About our Company

The Olmenhorst Estate has been located in the Haarlemmermeerpolder since 1854, situated between Haarlem, Amsterdam and Leiden. What began as arable farmland has now grown into an extensive fruit production company, as well as a unique location for business meetings, weddings and more. 

The 60,000 organic fruit trees on our estate make use of our fertile soil. People can adopt their own trees from the estate, which they can then harvest their own fruit from in autumn time. It is a wonderful example of how man can work together with nature, and we love inviting people to enjoy it. We also open up our orchards to the general public, so that everyone can personally experience what our nature has to offer.

How we relate to the BJF