“We are proud to announce that the BJF came out as the winner in our yearly crowdfunding competition.”

Monique pont

Communications Manager

About us

‘Serious Money Taken Seriously’ is the motto of Theodoor Gilissen, a private bank with services in the field of investments, financial planning, income and wealth structuring and finance. Based in the Netherlands, the company has over 200 employees. It is a subsidiary of KBL European Private Bankers, the only network of private banking boutiques in Europe. The company stands out because of  its mission ‘to preserve and grow each client’s wealth across generations’, which has been carried out for the past 135 years.

How we relate to the BJF

At the end of each year, three charities are selected by the Theodoor Gilissen staff to receive a donation, by way of an official voting round. Only employees are allowed to vote, enter their choice of charity and promote it the best they can during the month of December. It was Esther Lapère who not only entered the BJF in the competition, but also did a great job promoting the mission of the BJF among her colleagues. During the end-of-the year reception, it was the BJF who came out as the winner and Esther proudly collected the cheque on behalf of the BJF. Thank you, Esther, for your boundless energy and support!