“It’s time to turn the circle of deforestation around.”


BJF Team Argentina


About me

Since 2013, Natasja de Winter has been a part of the BJF Team as a lobbyist and fundraiser in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Specialized in commercial business, Natasja helps foreign investors settle in Latin America. She worked as General Manager of the Argentine-Dutch Chamber of Commerce for two years. Later, she started working independently for several Dutch companies, such as Boomerang Media (Managing Director). In 2002, she became an investigative journalist, correspondent and producer for Dutch and German media. Later in 2010, she completed a MBA in Real Estate Management at the Di Tella University in Buenos Aires, and from then on she’s also worked with real estate projects in the region.


How I relate to the BJF

“Having worked in Latin America as a (business) pioneer for the past twelve years, I have hardly ever come across an organization that is as transparent and hands-on as the Black Jaguar Foundation. I fully subscribe to the vision and passion of the BJF, which reflects my own ultimate non-profit objective: protecting nature in a most efficient way, working with local partners whilst limiting overhead cost to a bare minimum.

 The Araguaia Corridor Biodiversity Project has is all: it is a well-defined project, it is easy to visualize and it is of the utmost importance to restoring the Amazon rainforest and Cerrado savanna. At the same time, it aims to preserve one of Brazil’s most important waterways – the Araguaia River – and offers a chance to indigenous people and animals to continue to live in their natural habitat.

Given my passion for nature and preservation, my extensive personal and professional network and my sales experience in South America, it was not only a conscious but also a natural decision to get in touch with the BJF and offer my services as a lobbyist and fundraiser. Delivering great results in the belief that what I do is right, combined with sheer willpower is an absolute challenge to me.”