“Special thanks to the BJF for inviting me to be part of this wonderful socio-environmental project.”

Fernando Mollica Bedaque

Environmental Lawyer

About me

As a lawyer specialized in environmental law and environmental management, I voluntarily support BJF’s activities on a wide range of legal and environmental issues, in order to ensure the technical security necessary for the foundation’s activities with partners, suppliers, employees, donors and governmental organizations.

 I hope my work with the BJF will contribute, first of all, to have more trees planted, restored forests, less carbon in the air and more clean water, to the present and future generations of all world.

How I relate to the BJF

I love the environment and, above all, I love working for environmental preservation and sustainable development, so that natural resources are sustainable and maintain their capacity to replenish. Future generations deserve to live in a world equal or better than we live. And for that, it depends on us to find an exact balance between development and environmental preservation. This is BJF’s mission and, therefore, we work together to achieve these goals.