“The speed which species disappear is simply shocking, because only a wide biological diversity can guarantee our future.”


HR Professional

About me

“I am a Human Resources professional with a background in engineering and finance. I work as a Subject Matter Expert in the HR Analytics department for a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland, a very innovative organization that is highly rated by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. I grew up in the sixties and have been following the news about nature from all around the world since I was about ten years old.”

How I relate to the BJF

“I heard about the BJF from Floris Wouterson. He explained the goal to protect and restore the natural habitat of the jaguar and the idea for the Araguaia Nature Corridor with such passion. For some time, I’ve realized that more and more species are disappearing and, as a nature-loving person, I felt the responsibility to engage myself by supporting the BJF in its ambitious goals.”