“As Brazilians, it is our obligation to participate and involve more people and other companies to join us.”


Owner – Pró Result Gestão Empresarial

About us

Pró Result Gestao Empresarial is a Brazilian company, founded in September 2005 and headquartered in the financial-economic center of Brazil, São Paulo, and is focused on accounting, legal and corporate services. Its customers are mainly located in Latin America and Europe. ‘Pro’ stands for persecution of goals, ‘Result’ for focus on value creation, ‘Gestao’ for data and information and ‘Empresarial’ for the entities that move the economy.

How we relate to the BJF

Pro Result is one of the main administrative partners of the BJF in Brazil. Since 2014, they have been helping us to set up the pillars of our organization in Brazil, mainly with the creation of the legal entity “BJF Brazil”. Their expertise has been essential to move forward with financial and bureaucratic operations. Today, Pro Result is responsible for the accountability and legal representations in the Brazilian context. On top of that, the company also provides BJF Brazil with free use of its office & network facilities. In order to enable BJF Brazil to approach and involve other Brazilian companies and individuals for a win-win partnership.