“You need a dose of idealism to make great projects make sense and gain scale. That’s why I support the BJF.”


Doctor & Conservationist

About us

Located in Brasília, Clínica Villas Boas is a major name in Brazil when it comes to medical diagnostic imaging. With over 42 years of history and professionalism, they’ve gathered a high-level team of 150 health professionals to provide accurate and lifesaving medical reports. One of their top priorities is to ensure a very warm atmosphere as well as a comfortable and modern environment to patients that come in to take care of their health.

How we relate to the BJF

Clínica Villas Boas’ leader is Dr. Tito Mundim, a respected medical doctor and entrepreneur, and, above all, a genuine nature lover. He is not only a proud supporter of the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor as a Corporate Friend, but also the creator of a 2,900 ha private nature reserve in Goiás, inside the Araguaia Corridor: the RPPN Pontal do Jaburu (http://www.reservapontaldojaburu.com). To showcase his involvement for all the patients in his clinic, Dr. Tito has set up a ‘BJF space’ in his clinic with a 2 meter map of the Araguaia Corridor and a pedestal with the jaguar sculpture on it.