“Our important partnership with the Black Jaguar Foundation will further the programme’s reach and we value working with people who want to transform Brazil”


CEO Movida

About our Carbon-Free programme

Focusing on innovation, Movida is the first car rental company to create a Carbon-Free programme, with a goal to compensate 100% of their carbon emissions by the end of 2030. Their primary method to compensate these emissions is planting trees in Brazilian territory. In addition, Movida is constantly making improvements to the range of rentals they offer. Now their customer are able to choose from a wide range of low carbon alternatives to meet their mobility needs.

On Wednesday 4th March, 2020, Movida celebrated becoming a certified B-Corporation, a validation of the company’s total social and environmental impact. This accomplishment aligns Movida as the second publicly traded company in Brazil to obtain the seal. This is a major development for Movida and represents the strides being taken towards a more sustainable future.

More information at www.movida.com.br

How it relates to the BJF

In 2019 Movida started the carbon compensating partnership with the Black Jaguar Foundation as a way to support one of the largest nature corridors in the world, the Araguaia River Biodiversity Corridor. Movida became the first publicly traded Brazilian company to support BJF in the country, symbolizing an important step in the organisation’s development.

The Black Jaguar Foundation-Movida partnership will result in one million native trees being planted, during 2020-2022, in the heart of Brazil.

This is just the beginning of a monumental partnership that will see many trees planted, as we work together towards a brighter future for Brazil, and for the world.