“We are honoured to embark on this important partnership with the Black Jaguar Foundation…This is just the beginning and we hope to work together for years to come.”


CEO Movida

About our company

Movida is an innovative company providing urban mobility solutions for all kinds of needs. Faced with the changing times, Movida invests in sustainability and is the only Brazilian car rental company with a program such as Carbon-Free, which neutralizes the carbon emissions of its car hire locations by planting trees in Brazilian territory. In addition to this initiative, Movida has an extensive portfolio of vehicles with a reduced environmental impact. Around 60,000 cars in Movida’s Rent a Car fleet are flexible, allowing the option to use ethanol.

Established in 2006, Movida joined the JSL Group in 2013 and went public in February 2017. Its shares have consistently appreciated in the market, and after large investments of approximately R$ 6.3 billion in the last three years, it currently has a fleet of almost 110 thousand vehicles, 184 car rental stores and 60 used car stores.

More information at www.movida.com.br

How we relate to the BJF

Movida’s commitment to sustainable development is based on valuing life and respecting people and the environment: they look to contribute to a fairer, more responsible, and sustainable society. Movida believes in conscious capitalism and that the private sector should play a role in the transition to a low carbon economy.

In 2019 Movida started the carbon offset partnership with the Black Jaguar Foundation as a way to support one of the largest nature corridors in the world, the Araguaia River Biodiversity Corridor. Movida became the first publicly traded Brazilian company to support BJF in the country, symbolizing an important step in the organisation’s development.

In December 2019, Movida conducted a due diligence trip to the Araguaia corridor to visit the project. After seeing the impact on the region, the local communities and the local economy, Movida became more convinced than ever that the BJF is secure, reliable and trustworthy, and that this work will have a positive impact on the future of Brazil and the planet as a whole.