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The BJF is ready for the future! Thanks to Aliança da Terra

By 21. November 2018February 22nd, 2024News Home

The BJF have just signed an incredibly important partnership with Aliança da Terra, a great organization that aims to help Brazilian farmers transition to better agricultural practices.  Formed in 2004, the organization endeavors to connect key players within the agribusiness industry in order to ‘produce right’ farmers, so that  they can promote environmental awareness and sustainable land management in Brazil’s Amazon and Cerrado regions.

The organization has an established network of farmers along the Araguaia corridor with over 2,200 hectares of degraded land already mapped out and ready for BJF to help restore. In total, they have detailed mapping of over 170,000 hectares along the corridor, which registers parts of land that have been degraded and so where needs to be ecologically restored. By having this information available, BJF have saved months of work and investment in identifying critical areas of the corridor. This is truly great news for our mission as it allows us to save immense amounts of time on our development phase and jump straight into our ultimate task – reforesting the Araguaia!

Click here to find out more about Aliança da Terra.