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Tannis is jaguar jamming in support of the BJF

By 19. December 2018October 13th, 2021News Home

Tannis Zimmer is an inspiration and proof that every single action can set off a chain reaction of good. Whilst living in Winnipeg, Canada, Tannis encountered the Black Jaguar Foundation by chance. From the moment she learned about the project of realizing the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor in Brazil, Tannis hasn’t stopped helping. Since 2010 she has continually organized dance sessions to support and raise funds for our mission.

“We have managed to hold between one and three jams annually for the last seven years,” says Tannis. The Jaguar Jams, as she calls the sessions, involve African dance workshops organized by her and her friends. “Each time, the response we get is incredibly positive and people are generous with their donations. We’ve even had people who do not dance but still want to support the project and leave a donation,” Tannis shares.

“I see it as humans supporting humans who are willing to dive headlong into the trenches on behalf of our beloved Mother Earth”- Tannis Zimmer, BJF Friend

Tannis first felt urged to do something for the environment after seeing an injured bird on a Sunday afternoon almost ten years ago and deciding to do an online search about animals and nature. This is when she encountered the BJF website. “I read the website from top to bottom and I was very impressed with the initiative and the details of the Araguaia Corridor project,” she remembers.

She decided to organize a fundraising performance for the BJF involving artists, business people and professionals that were all inspired by her to join the cause. “I think we had about 60 people, who were all enthusiastic about the show and the foundation, to support such an important project. After the show a spontaneous music and dance jam broke out and people that were watching in the audience got up and started dancing,” Tannis explains about how this led her to develop the idea of Jaguar Jams.

Tannis believes humans inherently understand the importance of forests for the planet no matter where they are in the world. She is incredibly grateful to be able to help BJF and the world, even if it’s only in a small way. Tannis encourages other people to do the same. “Anyone can use their skills by gathering groups of people for an event or artistic performance where the audience don’t only benefit by partaking in the fun, but also do something for the future of the planet.”

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